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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Curing the Myths of Diabetes

The month of October is American Diabetes Month so here at B.M.M.O. Consulting we want to break some myths about diabetes.  People have misconceptions about how you get diabetes and what you can and can’t do once you have it.  We will address some of the myths and give the truths behind them.

It’s a disease that overweight people get – Fact: Lack of exercise and a bad diet may increase the risk, but there are many thin individuals who are also diabetic.

Diabetes is contagious – Fact: Diabetes is not an airborne disease you pick up from someone while being around him or her.  There is a genetic link if Type 2 diabetes runs in your family.  You should learn about the symptoms and prevention tips.

You will have complications during your pregnancy if you have diabetes – Fact: While it is very important for a pregnant woman to monitor their blood sugar before and during their pregnancy, women with diabetes more often than not have healthy pregnancies. 

You can’t eat sweets once you become a diabetic – Fact: If you eat a proper diet and monitor your blood sugar, you can still have sweets in moderation. 

There is a cure for diabetes - Fact: Unfortunately no cure exists, but there are medicines out there to help control and maintain your blood sugar level to help you continue to live a long, joyous life. 

Many people look at diabetes like other diseases as a death sentence to their normal way of life.  While you may have to tweak your diet and add more exercise, you can still lead a normal life.  What it does, is it forces you to have a healthier lifestyle.

More information can be found at the American Diabetes Association.

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