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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Women, have you seen your doctor lately?

This month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  In every stage of your life there are doctor appointments you should make.  Do you know what they are?  The doctor checkups you need in your 20’s differ from those you need in your 50’s.  With all the cancers that women are prone to it’s very important that women, you take care of yourselves and see your doctor.  We at B.M.M.O. Consulting want to keep you healthy and informed about your body, and things you need to do to make sure it functions properly.  Below we will list important doctor appointments you should have based upon your current age range.

In Your 20’s
Primary Care Physician – You should see your doctor once a year, at minimum every other year.  At this visit you should get blood tests to check for any changes in your health.  Depending on your family health history, there will be more specific tests that should also be done as a precaution.  Vaccinations are also very important, keep those up to date.

Gynecologist – Pap smears should be done every other year, but if you are sexually active you should have them done every six months, along with STD testing.  You should also have both a pelvic and breast exam.

Dentist – Every six months you should have your teeth cleaned and an oral exam.

Dermatologist – If you happen to be a person with fair skin or have a family history of skin cancer you should get checked out every year.  The occurrence of moles is also a good time to go and get checked out to make sure they are not harmful.  Other than that, only visit when you see a change in your skin.

In Your 40’s
Cholesterol Screening – You should take this test every five years.  If you have increased risk for heart disease, you should have the test taken in your 30’s.

Mammogram – Getting this test done at the right time can help with prevention for breast cancer and other breast diseases. 

Stress Echocardiogram – This test will alert of any early signs of heart problems.

In Your 50’s
Colonoscopy – This test should be performed every five years.  It is used to test for colon cancer along with other issues that might arise in the abdomen. 

Bone Density Scan – You should start getting this test after you experience menopause.  If you are smaller framed, have family history of osteoporosis, or if you have a fracture after the age of 45 you should have this test done earlier.

See the following link to find out more information.  Celebrate National Breast Cancer Month by taking good care of your health and by passing this on to another woman to make sure she does the same.

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