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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Comcast helps out the Community

How important is your Internet access to you?  How would you survive if you had no means to connect to the Internet at a moment’s notice whenever you felt like it?  Many students in the U.S. experience this on a regular basis.  They live in homes without not only Internet, but also without a computer.  Having a computer and Internet access is essential in staying on task with what is going on in the world and for future advancement.  Comcast saw a need and found a way to help solve this problem, they want to “close the digital divide.”  

Comcast has launched a program called “Internet Essentials.”  This program offers Internet access for up to 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 284 Kpbs for only $9.95 and promises to never increase the price.  There will also be no activation or equipment rental fees.  This is a really good deal; regular customers pay nowhere near this price and are subject to price increases at any moment.  In order to qualify for this program you must have at least one child who receives free lunch from the National School Lunch program, must be in the coverage area, not currently have Comcast service or subscribed in the last 90 days or have an overdue bill with unreturned equipment.  The enrollment for this program will last through the end of the 2013-2014 school year.  Parents may continue to receive this benefit until their child graduates from high school, as long as they still meet the program qualifications.

LeAnn Talbot, senior vice president of Comcast had this to say about the program “Internet Essentials helps level the playing field for low-income families by connecting students online with their teachers and their school’s educational resources and by enabling parents to receive digital literacy training so they can apply for jobs online or use the internet to learn more about health care and government services, and a host of other activities.”  The initial purpose of this program is to help kids, but it looks like Comcast hopes to be able to help the entire family.  If the parents can utilize it in a positive manner then they will to be able to better themselves, which should lead to the betterment of the entire family.  Good job Comcast for seeing the bigger picture.  Everyone needs help at all levels, if you help the kids, you need to help the parents and they can grow and provide success together. 

Comcast is also helping put computers in these homes. They will provide the family with a voucher to purchase a low-cost computer for $149.99, tax not included.  This program also offers access to free digital literacy training, what’s the use of having all these tools and not knowing how to use them.  Looks like Comcast has covered all the details, now it’s up to individuals to take advantage of this opportunity.

For more information about the Internet Essentials program, log on to for English, or call (855) 846-8376, for Spanish log onto or call (855) 765-6995.

Please pass this along to anyone who can use it.  When help is being given, please take advantage of all the resources available.

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