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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ways to Save on Back To School Items

It's that time again!  Yes, summer break has ended and now its time for students of all ages to head back to school.  B.M.M.O. Consulting has got some tips to help keep money in your pocket and still get all the supplies, clothes and extras you need.

1. Check your home for supplies - Look to see what unused supplies you still have so you don't buy more than you need.  If you have supplies with company logos on them, cover them up with cute stickers, no one will know.

2. Look for Bargains & Coupons - As the school year approaches check out all the sale papers and map out which stores have the best deals.  Most importantly, stock up!  Get all that you will need for the year so you will be prepared for the lost pens, pencils and notebooks and still have enough to get through the year.

3. Don't Rush - If it's not a necessary item for the first day of school, wait until September and you will find more price markdowns on backpacks,  lunch boxes and other items.

4. $1 Store Shop - Don't sleep on the items you can find at the dollar store.  They now carry brands that would amaze you.  Many of your school items can be found there and for a bargain of a price.

5. Shop at the Unexpected Places - Go to places such as thrift stores and consignment shops.  You can find major brand names for excessively less than in the retail stores.  Also check out garage sales, you would be surprised at some of the things you can find at a good garage sale. Good buys can be found in some of the most unexpected places.

6. Online Discounters - Surf out Craigslist and eBay to see if you can find some of the designer brands for less money and less time.  No need to go and walk the malls, shop online and have it delivered to your home.

7. Shopping Smart - Buy clothes in sizes that can be grown into and will last longer.  If you find items at a really good price, buy them in larger sizes for the future.  Look for neutral colors that go with many things to provide more options.  

8. Technology on a Budget - Computers have become a necessity in daily life, even more important for students.  Shop for deals, look for student software, its cheaper than the full version.  

9. Calculators Needed - Math has gotten more complicated over the years and calculators have become a necessity.  There are many options out there, so try to find one that will meet your needs for several years to come so that you can save on spending more money in the future.

We hope that we have shared with you some useful tips to aid you in shopping smart and on budget.  Feel free to add any tips you may also have.

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