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Friday, August 26, 2011

Marketing News This Week

HP Bids Farewell to webOS
Early Monday morning, news was revealed that Hewlett-Packard was going to stop selling hardware that uses webOS.  This propriety mobile operating system runs on the Linux kernel.  Last month HP launched the TouchPad, it did not produce the success they expected.  The future of webOs is unknown.  Many were interested to see the future of webOS as an alternative to the Apple and Android platforms, now we may never know.

Kim Kardashian gets Married, for Love and for Money
This past Sunday, well known self-promoter Kim Kardashian got married to Kris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets.  We all know that weddings are expensive, but when you’re Kim Kardashian, getting married is just another day at work.  Sources report that Kim will make $17.9 million off her wedding day, which is more than most people make in a lifetime.  Sponsors also played a big role in the day, the invitations, the ring, the cake, the Champagne and Kim’s dress were all given to her in exchange for some publicity.  Kim has found love and is about her business all at the same time!

Camry – The Toyota Redeemer
Toyota has had a rough couple of years with recalls, earthquakes and tsunamis; they are in need of something to get the brand back going.  They were the world’s largest automaker from 2008 – 2010, they are now on pace to be third for this year.  The Camry has been Toyota’s best-selling car in the United States for nine consecutive years.  The importance of the debut of the 2012 Camry is so vital that the company’s president Akio Toyoda, traveled to Kentucky to drive the first completed car off the assembly line and gave it his approval.  Toyota has several events planned to get this car’s selling opportunities off to a fast start.  Some of these events include having the car show up during Super Bowl Sunday commercials, as well as broadcasting events in several cities with performers on hand. 

Michael Jordan #23 is coming Back to Chicago
No, Michael Jordan isn’t putting back on a jersey to play along side Derrick Rose and bring us a ring, but he has brought us a restaurant.  Michael Jordan opened his restaurant “Michael Jordan’s Steak House” this Tuesday and has some signature items on the menu.  The chopped salad comes with 23 ingredients and for dessert, there is a 23-layer chocolate cake.  Sounds like a good combo of healthiness and sweetness combined!  B.M.M.O. Consulting will be putting this on the list of must try food establishments. 

Jobs Leaves Apple – Did you see that coming?
On Wednesday, another tech shake up took place, this time in the form of Steve Jobs announcing that he was resigning as CEO of Apple, but that he would stay on as Apple’s chairman.  Jobs has had some medical issues that have forced him to take medical leave, he was currently on leave as he made this announcement.  Steve Jobs has a long history with Apple, he helped co-found it in 1976 in his family’s garage.  Nine years later he left Apple, but returned in 1996 and has been a major asset to the company ever since.  While Jobs will no longer be CEO, he will still be very active in the life of Apple, all are sad to see him go.  

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