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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eating Out on A Budget

During these declining economic times everyone is trying to figure out how to save a dollar without sacrificing the life of luxury they have grown to love.  No one said that you have to stop eating, you just have to figure out how to eat at a good price.  This is where B.M.M.O. Consulting has come to help.  Below are some tips you can take to help you eat on a budget.  

1. Eat at lunch time - Lunch time is almost always cheaper than dinner.  You can get the same meals just smaller portions, which may end up being healthier too!

2. Use coupons - Begin to plan meals around coupons.  There are several discounting options such as Groupon, LivingSocial and now Amazon is getting involved.  Buy them when you see one you like or use it as a way to try new places at discounted prices. 

3. Dine at BYOB locations - You will find that most times it is the alcohol that increases the bill.  Find places that will allow you to bring in your own.  Many times the cost of one glass of wine on site is equal to the cost of a bottle you could bring in.  

4. Never go to eat on an empty stomach - When you are hungry, you always think you can eat more than your stomach can really handle.  You end up ordering more food than needed and spending unnecessary money.

5. Buffets - While people have different opinions about eating at buffets, they can sometimes be a good inexpensive filling meal.  Inside tip about buffets, go towards the end of one meal so you can benefit from enjoying two meal choices.  We recommend that you try Flat Top Grill, their breakfast is exceptional!

6. Eat the Specials - Restaurants always have specials.  Sometimes they have full course meal options at discounted prices, most of the time there are no substitutes, but it's a bargain!

We hope that we have shared with you some good options to still enjoy the eating out lifestyle while maintaining your budget.  Let this nation's economic situation be an indication of how going off the budget can have negative consequences.  Now go use these tips and enjoy eating good on a budget.  Please comment and share any additional  tips you have for eating on a budget.

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