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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Burger King adds Quaker Oatmeal to their Breakfast Menu

Oatmeal and Burgers…not quite the most appealing combination is it?  Well in this ever changing economic society and fast paced world, fast food is becoming the fast answer to feed your hunger.  Now there’s more, consumers want healthy fast food.  Burger King, the world’s second largest hamburger chain has decided to put their hand in the mix.  Burger King has partnered with Quaker Oatmeal to start serving oatmeal in their breakfast line up. The traffic growth for breakfast has increased 60% between 2005-2010, so its not a bad time to step outside the box and see if what has worked for everyone else will also work for you.  Burger King has come into the market pricing itself below the competition.  They also boast in having the lowest calories and grams of fat.  But will low pricing and lower calories be enough?  Well Burger King clearly doesn't think so, they realize to get to the top and see increased profits, there are some other changes they need to make.  The question is will they make the right ones.  The first change they are making is to retire "The King" as their mascot and launch a more food focused campaign.  They also plan to increase their healthy items by adding more salads and apple fries for children.  It looks like they've got their food strategy covered, but what about the other components?  You retire "The King," so what's your image revamp plan?  Will you redesign the restaurants?  Will you glam up your menus and marketing campaigns?  What else are you going to do?  Burger King has ridden the wave of the Whopper for so long, times have changed and now they need to as well.  They have had some good promotions linking up with upcoming movies, but there is nothing vibrant about Burger King, they're just another burger joint.  If they want to compete, they need to bring more than that to the table.  Don't be alarmed, Burger King isn't going anywhere soon, but neither are their profits if they don't find that "it" to get them back in style.  B.M.M.O. Consulting will be awaiting the new changes that Burger King will bring forth. 


  1. Please keep us posted.

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