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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who has the best fries?

What is America’s favorite food? Well fries of course!!!  In the August edition of Consumer Reports, they did a study on who makes the best fries.  They tested Wendy’s, Five Guys, McDonald’s, KFC, Fuddruckers and Burger King.  Let’s start by saying, we don’t even think KFC and Fuddruckers should be in this line up, they are rating their wedges; wedges are not the same as fries!  We will not discuss their product for that very reason.  We want to make it a fair comparison; one must compare apples to apples.  B.M.M.O. Consulting has tasted all the companies above and has their favorite, but we will share what Consumer Reports had to say.  At the end we will reveal who was rated for the best fries.  This is what Consumer Reports had to say about each fry brand.
Fry Brand Description
Burger King Relatively low in flavor; coating detracts from quality. Fatty taste has about the same intensity as potato flavor.
McDonad's Moderate potato and browned flavors with crispy texture.
Five Guys Big baked-potato flavor complemented by oil and salt. Crispness and doneness were variable.
Wendy's Distinct potato flavor enhanced by browned and earthy taste of skins. Crispy outside, moist inside. Quality somewhat inconsistent.

From the descriptions given above, Consumer Reports finds that no restaurant has the perfect fry, but we are sure that you would disagree.  Everyone has his or her favorite fry.  Comment below and share that brand with us.  We’d like to see what’s the most popular fry in the eyes of our followers.

And the Winner is…….. 

Yes, Wendy’s new fry recipe has won consumers over as the best fast food fry.  That decision to use russet potatoes, trans-fat-free oil and some sea salt was a great one.  Their new fry recipe adds a side of healthy and flavor, always a good combination!  Is this the fry you expected to win?  Yes or No, tell us why.


  1. I LOVE french fries. A little too much. While I will say that McDonalds is consistently my favorite of the fast food chains, Wendy's fries are tastier. They have not always fries like this, only within the past couple of years, or maybe just this year did they have fries similiar to fresh cut fries with the skins. I do not frequent Wendy's so I could be off with that time frame.

    I am curious to try Five Guys now, and what consumer reports stated about the Burger King fries is right on. I do like McDonald's fries, they usually have good taste, however it depends on the particular location and if the fries are fresh. It rarely happens, but when it does the fries ar worthless.

    Good choice about excluding wedges, those are totally different than fries and as a consumer of fried foods (shamefully) there is no comparsion between the two.

  2. Yes.... Wendy's is my #1 choice as well!!

  3. Thank you both for commenting.
    Anonymous, I would definitely try Five Guys Fries, you won’t regret it. They give you so many, so a small is enough for two to share. They are full of flavor if you get the Cajun ones. The regular ones are good too, but I prefer the Cajun. Wendy’s made their fry change late last year or either early this year. I had them a few weeks ago, I agree, great improvement!


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