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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sears Looking for Way to Revitalize their Younger Fashion Demographic

Sears has been in the news a lot for the month of May, some good news, and some bad.  They have made some major business and fashion changes that they are hoping will revitalize the failing retail stores.  Back in 2005 K-Mart and Sears merged in efforts to increase their sales and to keep both of the stores in business.  The success of that joint venture hasn’t turned the profit that was expected.  In the beginning of May The Kardashians announced that they would be doing a line for Sears called Kardashian Kollection that will launch in August in 400 stores.  The line will include clothing, lingerie and accessories and will be geared the more curvaceous females.  This is a great business venture for Sears since the Kardashian girls are always in the news.  Whether it’s a new reality show, a perfume, special appearance or just crazy incident, they keep their name in the headlines.  I heard one person call them professional self-promoters, and that they truly are!  Kylie Jenner had her hand in the Sears fashion line earlier last year, now the sister trio is here to increase the sales of the younger demographic for Sears.  I don’t know about you, but for a long time, I viewed Sears as a more seasoned individual’s store.  It was the store my dad got his work pants and undergarments from, never a fun young and vivacious individual’s store.  Well with the help of The Kardashians, Sears is hoping to make me and anyone else who thought like me believe that they can market to any demographic.  I’ll be watching to see just how well they pull this off.  I might even stop in and pick up some Kardashian clothing accessories to help support the cause!

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