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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Phone Apps Must Haves

Cell phones that have an application store are the must haves in the telecommunication’s industry.  The top two application stores are The Market for Android and The App Store for Apple products.  The stores tend to have the same applications, or close competitors.  B.M.M.O. Consulting will list it’s top free must have apps to make your phone your new best friend!  These are in no specific order but this list will give you everything you need to stay in touch and in tune with what’s going on.
1.      Bible – Every Christian and Every Believer knows the importance of being connected to your Word.  This application allows you to have the Bible with you wherever you go and with several versions for you to read to aid you in your studying.  You can even download some of the versions so if you can’t get a connection, you can still pull up the Bible.  This will bless your life!
2.      The Weather Channel – With its most recent update, it has become the must have app to stay up to date on the ever changing weather forecast.  The layout has become more aesthetically pleasing.  It allows you to keep track of several weather locations of.  It alerts you of approaching storms and allows you to view them on the map to track them.  It has views, of right now, hourly, 36 hours, and the 10-day weather outlook.  Something that really stands out is that it closes down when you hit close so it’s not running in the background draining your battery, always a bonus!
3.      Handcent  SMS– Text messaging application that allows you to design pretty much everything about the view of your text messages.  You can get your message via a pop-up on your screen, and there is password protection and privacy options to keep it personal. 
4.      GasBuddy – With gas being as ridiculous as it is in pricing, it is a NECESSITY to check the surrounding area to find the cheapest gas!  GasBuddy allows you to either enter a specific area or search your current area to show the gas prices around you so that you can find the cheapest gas at the nearest location.
5.      ColorNote Notepad – A notepad that allows you to either take notes or make lists.  It allows you to give colors different categories.  If you need to make a grocery list or notes for a meeting, this is what you need.  It also has password protection features if you need them.
6.      BistroMath – The only tip calculator you need.  It will allow you split the bill by the number of people in your party.  You can also enter the percentage of tip you would like to give and it will give you the total.  Very handy for tipping precisely! 
7.      The Coupons App – Coupons are now being used everywhere and for everything.  This application will let you search specific stores or just a zip code to find deals where you want them.  Most stores are now scanning the coupon off your phone so it makes it easy and conserve paper.  Try it out and start saving today!
8.      Backgrounds – If you want a fun background to have on your phone, this is the application you need.  It has several categories from names, to love, to nature and even animals.  You are sure to find a background that you will love.  They have a huge selection, so if you just can’t choose, you can have your favorite ones cycle through over the span of the day.
9.   Advanced Task Killer – This application is the tool to helping you save your battery life.  Many applications run in the background of your phone quietly killing your battery.  This application allows you to close the applications you don’t need to use.
10.   Facebook – Facebook has become the popular way to communicate for some people these days.  If you are one of those folks, then you need to have the Facebook application on your phone.  You can check and update statuses, comment, check messages, upload photos and you can even chat!  This will help you avoid Facebook withdrawals while on the go!
11.   Tweetcaster for Twitter – This application will allow you to stay connected to Twitter.  You can stay up to date on tweets as soon as they come in.  You can retweet, reply and update new tweets.  They have an awesome feature that allows you to zip people you follow if you need to take a break but don’t want to unfollow them.  You can also save tweets to your favorites so you can go back and read them later.  Keep your Twitter Game on lock with TweetCaster.
12.   ESPN ScoreCenter – This is the application that every sports enthusiast needs!  If you want to have up to date scores on any of the sports this application will keep you connected to the sports world. 

There are also great banking applications out there depending on your banking institution that make banking more convenient.   While there are many more applications to highlight, these are just a few of the necessary ones to get your phone up and ready to keep you connected to all the important functions of your life.  Feel free to post in the comments some of your fave applications.

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