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Friday, March 11, 2011

Janet Jackson Sweeps Through Chicago and its All for You!

Some people can sing and then others can perform.  Ms. Jackson can do both!  She came out and did her thing while performing in Chicago.  She performed her number one hit songs, showed clippings of her past television and movie performances and ended with some touching childhood pictures of her and the legendary Michael Jackson.   
A teen group called Mindless Behavior opened up for Janet Jackson.  It was a group of 4 young men; they tried to get the crowd hype before Janet Jackson took the stage.  They sang some of their own songs and then sang some of the current Hip Hop songs to arouse the crowd.
For every city that Janet Jackson is performing in she has dedicated one of her number one songs to that city.  Chicago’s song was “Its All For You” and she opened by showing that video.  Then she came out and electrified the crowd by performing “Pleasure Principle.” When “Feedback” came on she quickly showed her sexy side was alive and well. She performed “Alright” and blew kisses in the audience while doing a remixed version of some of the Jackson 5 steps. When she sang “Nasty,” she gave the guys a show to be nasty for!  Janet sang many more of her great hits that kept the crowd moving.

Janet Jackson did her first outfit change and came out in a stunning Lilac floor length dress with sparkly designs on the shoulder and matching sparkly Louboutin’s as she sat on a stool and sang to the crowd.  She worked the stage as she battled a dress malfunction.  No worries, she didn’t expose herself, the stage guy came up and got her fastened right up.  She did two more changes where she went back to Rhythm Nation days with the all black.  She ended the show in this beautiful all white jacket and pants suit with white shoes to match.
It was a great concert, great singing, great performances, great wardrobe and some audience entertainment that kept the night going.  The only gripe is that it was just too short, but she did well with the time she gave.

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