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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shinning the Light on A Deserving Organization -

This week NBC  Chicago highlighted, it was founded two years ago by Reginald Dunlop.  He founded this organization to help provide mentor opportunities to young Black youth.  He wanted to provide them resources from people who looked like them and could relate to them.  The program has grown into more than just a mentoring program to now, a full circle resource center. provides tutoring, scholarship opportunities and job opening information.  This site allows teens and young adults to talk to people who are in careers that they aspire to pursue.  It has job descriptions as well to give a better understanding of what the careers are all about.  They provide 24 tutoring help for $70 a month.  You can log on to their site and someone will be there to assist with your needs for as long as you need them.  This is a wonderful opportunity to help increase the productivity of our youth. provides a positive roadmap for success and opportunity.  After reading this I hope that you will take a look at their site and do what you can to further help build up our community and our youth!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out you guys. Reggie


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