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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Home Depot - The New Woman's Store???

In an effort to increase their women buying potential Home Depot has come together with Martha Stewart to come up with new household products and paint colors to appeal to the woman consumer.  Home Depot has always been seen as the man's big hardware store.  The buying power of women has increased over years with more single mothers and young single women, so Home Depot has set out to cash in on this new market.  In the past Home Depot set up weekly workshops to get women in to learn how to do small do-it-yourself projects.  These sessions brought the women in, but didn't help to keep them coming back.  Instead they returned to smaller hardware stores for their needs.  With Martha Stewart pulling her line from K-Mart due to poor sales, this is a great business venture for the two to collaborate on.  Home Depot knows hardware and Martha knows women and how to appeal to them.  Ladies keep an eye out, these products should show in stores very soon.  Men, watch out, Home Depot may soon be flooded with women, no longer the man's store! 

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