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Friday, January 7, 2011

Pleasing the Fans - Banner Moments

The Boston Celtics are launching a new fan contest called "Banner Moments."  This will allow Celtics fans to show their most memorable moments via pictures, movies or words.  This started back in December and will go on through March.  Each month 2 moments will be picked and the fans will win fun gifts like tickets and meet and greets.  When it is over in March, 10 fans will be selected and they will have their fan appreciation displayed on the Celtics website.

“Banner Moments has been an excellent way to get our fans involved with our social media outlets,” Celtics Chief Marketing Officer Shawn Sullivan said. “As an organization with an incredible historical background, the Boston Celtics are proud to continue Banner Moments this year to further allow our fans to display their most memorable Celtics moment.”

The Boston Celtics surely know how to show their fans love and appreciation.  Be sure to keep watch, I'm sure there will be some creative and timeless moments.

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