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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kraft Store Kiosks Marketing Program

Food Planning Made Easier

Kraft Foods has come up with an idea to make shopping easier for those indecisive grocery shoppers.  When you come into the store, you will go to their kiosk, they will scan your face, determine what demographic you fit in and suggest Kraft products to help you select meal options.  It will also provide you with recipes and even a treat just for using it!  The machine will distribute samples of Kraft products for you to snack on while shopping in the store.  For those of you who are really interested, you can input your phone number or swipe your store discount card and they will look at your past shopping experience to help recommend food as well.  You can also use Kraft's iFood Assistant to store recipes on your smartphone.

This sounds like an amazing way to make shopping easier, but what are some possible flaws with this??  Lets start by addressing the the scan.  How accurate will the scan be?  How will it know to match up the correct demographics.  Will it match a stressed out college student to the profile of a mother with kids because of their appearance?  Will it match a 40-year old single woman to food for a family because she looks like the age for the married with kids demographic.  Has Kraft prepared for incorrect scanning and the effects it will have on the consumer and their patience?  While regardless of age, most recipes are transparent, but this is something I hope Kraft has tested and prepared a back up system for.  The second possible flaw addresses the sharing of personal information.  We have become such a highly technological society and everything is done wirelessly these days.  But what type of security does Kraft have to protect the consumers information.  Will they be sharing this information?  Will this increase telemarketing calls???  How will the security of the consumer's information be protected?

A double bonus for Kraft is that the kiosk provides suggestive Kraft products for the day's meal and they give out samples of other food products they offer.  This allows Kraft to market specific products along with possibly debuting new products to try on consumers, smart marketing decision!  

We look forward to seeing how this new system will work out, other brands are also testing out such software to see if it can enhance their products.  Head on over and try it out!  

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