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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Women Will ONE Day Own Chicago!!

Number of women-owned firms sets Illinois, Cook ahead of nation

By: Paul Merrion
December 07, 2010
(Crain's) — Women own more than a third of Chicago businesses, and Illinois generally is a female-friendly state for entrepreneurs, the Census Bureau reported.
Statewide, the Census Bureau counted 343,117 woman-owned firms in Illinois, fourth-highest behind California, Texas and New York. The percentage of firms owned by women in Illinois was 30.5% vs. the 28.7% national average.
The numbers do not include 805,533 publicly held companies nationwide and other firms whose owners’ gender could not be determined, which accounted for 3% of all businesses and 63.6% of all receipts.

In what is such a male dominated world, it is great to see the progress that women are making in Corporate America.  Women are more educated and have more work experience than they have ever before.  They are not their grandparent's generation where their place was at home taking care of their family.  They're not even their parent's generation where they gave their life to one company.  No!  Women are more independent than they have ever been.  They are ruling Corporate America and even better, starting their own businesses.  The days of women being silent have long passed and the generation of women who want to have and do it all is on the rise.  This article is not to dismiss men, but to make it known, women are a force to be reckoned with.  They have sat on the sidelines far too long and are now taking control of their life and their families. 

Many women owned business began when women became pregnant and didn't want to return to work.  They wanted to be able to set their own schedules to be mommy, wife and employee.  This new era of women owned business are women who are focused on making things happen.  They've gone to college, they've studied the successful people and decided they can do it too.  They can use all their experiences and be the independent women they aspire to be.

So today, encourage another woman to start that new business, let her know, the odds are in her favor!

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