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Friday, December 10, 2010

Who's E-Books Are YOU Reading??

With electronic reading devices on the rise, so is the need for sales of e-books.  So I ask the question, who's e-book are you reading?  On Monday, Google launched its version of an  E-Book website, it plans to have more than 3 million books and is for the US only.  It's racing against its competitors of Apple, Amazon and Borders.  Google wants to differentiate itself by allowing its books to be able to be read on any device and anywhere.  Right now books can be purchased and used for all E-Readers, except the Amazon Kindle through Google checkout. 

The problem that Google’s competition has found with it’s over 3 million book collection is that most of those books are no longer under copyright and have been scanned in by Google from University libraries.  Most of these scans were done without permission.  By using these books, it is the belief of Amazon that it gives Google an unfair advantage.  Google said it would allow others to use these books also, now federal courts are looking into the matter.  Google has not added these books to their online store yet, pending the final judgment.

Google is known for being everywhere and this E-Book site is no different.  Google set up a marketing plan that benefits them two fold.  They own Google so all of their advertisements are free.  Then they are partnering with independent bookstores so that their books can be sold on the bookstore’s websites.  It has also scored a partnership with Goodreads so that readers can buy the book right off the reading list.  Also, whenever a book comes up in a search, you will now be able to purchase it right there through Google.  First Google began to take over the phone technology, looks like they’re headed for the book technology next.  Watch out, who knows what is next.   Google has a clever strategy, competition, beware!!!

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  1. As a librarian I see a LOT more people interested in e-books and purchasing e-readers. I will say that library patrons find that the fact that they cannot check out a library e-book to their Kindle is very disappointing. The patrons that own Sony E-readers and Barnes & Noble Nooks are very happy with the fact that they can download e-books from the library. So Google also has the availability of free library e-books to compete with.

    However, the fact that Google e-books are accessible through bookstores, Goodreads (this one is a very smart business relationship), and their own search engine makes them easy to get and get fast. Being one click away from the book that interests you is much more appealing in this technological world than having to search a different site for books and downloading different software, etc.

    Again, Amazon is limiting it's success with the Kindle due to the fact that books are ONLY available through I get what they are doing, however it will hurt them in the long run as e-books become more readily available in other areas.


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