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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dannon's Activia Being Sued Over False Marketing


Do you consume Dannon Activia products??  Why???  Is it because of the “special” bacteria that will keep you from catching colds or the flu???  What would you say if all of that was just a fallacy?  Guess what, it is!
Dannon has agreed to pay $21 million to Illinois and 38 other states, and to drop the false health claims.  Dannon created one of marketing’s biggest no no’s, don’t say you can do something when you really can’t.  It can really cost you, for Dannon it was $21 million.  False representation of your product creates a liability that companies really don’t want.  Dannon can’t make a claim like this without it being approved by the FDA.  Shockingly enough, this isn’t Dannon’s first time, let’s hope this time they got the message.  Passing your product off as something it is not is unethical and in this case unhealthy!  Dannon stands by its product and plans to do more research to be able to prove that it enhances the immune system and helps prevent colds and the flu.  Note to Dannon, next time just get the FDA to believe it and then you can legitimately market your product that way.  Until then, Dannon should stick to proven facts, not  false marketing tactics.
So, are you going to be buying Dannon Activia Products anymore?

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