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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chick-fil-A...Coming to A City Near You

Are you in love with Chick-fil-A????  Do you crave them, but live too far away to have them as often as you want to???  Well guess what?  If you live in Chicago, you might be in luck!!!  Chick-fil-A is trying to move to the north side.  They are proposing to move to 2579 N. Elston, on the Home Depot property.  They would like to open it with a drive thru.
So how does this benefit Home Depot?  Well for starters it will bring in revenue.  Either Home Depot can sale the land or rent/lease it out.  Chick-fil-A has become its own phenom, the location is prime and I'm sure Home Depot would like to hope that after picking up some chicken, consumers will need to grab something for their home projects.  Good location for Chick-fil-A and could be double rewarding to Home Depot.
How will the consumer be affected?  The positive is that the die hard Chick-fil-A fan will have another option to get their fix.  The down is the continued traffic issues of the area and parking decrease for Home Depot customers.  But Chick-fil-A customers can't expect that much space either.  If you love Chick-fil-A, you're happy any way that gives you more Chick-fil-A!!!  Stay tuned for more updates.

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