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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Once it’s Gone…You’re Gonna Miss It!!!

News vendors, street vendors and door-to-door salesmen
"Although street vendors are more common in big cities, the times of people trying to sell you things on the sidewalk are passing. These days, every sales pitch comes with an ad or marketing campaign. And now that you can market and sell everything online, there is less of a need to sell goods in person. These positions are expected to decline rapidly through 2018."  November 16, 2010 MSN

I was reading on today and I came across an article about the 10 jobs we will miss when they are gone and the one that stood out to me the most was the news vendors, the one that caught my attention was the milkman.  The milkman is almost out of business already, Oberweis is the only place that still does milk delivery.  I’m sure that many would think that no one will miss the newspaper because of how technologically addicted people have become.  People can now read the news on their computers, their smart phones and now with all the new tablets coming out, the availability to take the news everywhere with you is having a big surge.  So with all of that said, one would wonder, how on earth I figure people will miss the news vendors.  Think about the big moments in life you read about in the news, Princess Diana’s death, Harold Washington, Michael Jackson’s death, President Obama’s win, the Bulls 3-Peat, the burning of LeBron’s jersey in Cleveland, all of these are moments that people have rushed to newsstands to buy so they have a copy to remember.  The printed version online will never match the feeling that you get when you see it printed in the newspapers.  While we all love the new mobility technology has given us, we will long for the old fashioned paper when it is no more.

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