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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5 Gadgets That Should Be On Your Christmas List

If you are a techie or have a techie in your life, this is the list you need to take a good look at to make sure you purchase the best Christmas gifts this season.  There are some great brands that have done a good job advertising their products to make sure it is what you want for this holiday season!

1. For that book enthusisast in your life, they would surely appreciate an E-Reader from you as a gift.  There are many options out there that provide different features depending on what they want to do on it.  I happen to reccomend the Amazon Kindle, it mimics the display of a real page and you won't get the glare that LCD screen E-Readers will give.  I got one as a special gift, and I will cherish it forever!  Amazon has done a good job advertising, it has some tight competition, but the screen look proves to be an advantage.

2. Tablets!!!!!  After Apple released their iPad, Samsung has been right on their heels to release their own tablet.  It seems like a pretty cool piece of technolgy.  First there were desk tops, then lap tops, then netbooks and now tablets.  It allows you to have a smaller computer that operates similiar to your cell phone, it could be the all-in-one gadget, depending on what you choose.

3. "Connected TV"  Youtube has become a revolution.  You can watch anything, from videos to television programs and more.  So how great would it be, to be able to watch your favorite Youtubes on your big screen tv????  That's why this is the perfect gift.  But I must warn, don't be fooled, you can also do this by connecting your laptop to your TV, but this makes it so much easier.

4. 3-D TV  With all the new animated shows that have come out, this would be a great gift to bring the theater to your home.  When you rush to buy, make sure you pick up your 3-D glasses for everyone.  Samsung is reporting a list of side-effects for watching the tv.  While it seems like a pretty cool item, buy at your own risk!

5. Smartphones!!!!  Who can live without a smart phone these days?  It is the perfect tool to keep you and your life together at all times.  Its a mini computer with all the communication capabilities you need.  You will always be connected!  Each carrier has an option that just perfect your loved one!  Those who you love in  your life, will surely love you for this gift!

Above are some great items I hope you have on your list!!!

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